While looking through my Treasure Trove of Gifts that I’ve had received, I found:
  • I have a hands-on rounded knowledge of business that many never have.

  • The most fulfilling moments of my past career was teaching my employees how to become better in their work career and their life.

  • I realized that, all the time I was managing, I was really coaching – developing and bringing out the best in my employees.

  • I was gifted with deep empathy and love for others.

  • I love to listen to the stories of others and reflect back to them the possibilities and potentials of their gifts.

  • Even strangers seem to be drawn to me to be a sounding board for them.

  • I love to learn, grow mentally and spiritually and share that knowledge with others.

My heart has always been of service to others.
  • Graduated from Concordia University in Nebraska with a B.S. in secondary education

  •  Participated in (5) mission trips –

  • Twice with youth group to Tijuana to build homes

  • Twice to New Orleans after Katrina to “muck out” homes and support the cleanup efforts there

  • Once to southern Thailand to build fishing boats after the tsunami

  • Once to Addis Abba, Ethiopia to work with HIV/AIDs and mental health patients, bring water into a local school and opening the door to an ongoing relationship with a Christian church and school there

  • Trained as a lay Stephen Minister & leader


So, it comes with no surprise that what I have committed the rest of my days here is inspirational and transformational coaching, which aligns so well with my purpose of serving others to transform their lives and healing this planet for my grandchildren and theirs.

My work in service includes:
  • Business & Abundant Living Coach

  • Certified Master Dream Coach®

  • Certified Passion Test™ and Passion Test for Business facilitator

  • Certified workshop facilitator

  • Trainer

  • Inspirational speaker

  • Transformational leader

  • I believe that all is possible and that the only barrier to being in our greatness is ourself – what we believe is possible.  And I am totally in gratitude that we are all an integral part of the great “I AM”, children of the Almighty God, chosen and unconditionally loved.

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